What are LED Panels?

“LED Panels” are a light fixture most commonly used in offices and retail spaces. These luminaires are most popular in office premises due to the standard 600x600mm “ceiling squares or tiles” that are hung from the ceiling, which the LED panels are housed inside, spaced adequately depending on the natural light.

Although 600x600mm is the standard size for LED panels, you can purchase other sizes such as 1200x600mm or 300x300mm – the 1200x600mm will fit perfectly across two ceiling tiles whilst the 300x300mm panel is made for more specific purposes, such as architectural design or lighting walls.

LED panels can be dimmable and can conform to the new Dali dimming protocols, for office spaces that are large in size.

The spacing of LED panels will depend on the amount of natural light that enters the room, but your LED supplier should help you with this. A good supplier or commercial lighting advisor will monitor, over a 48hr period the amount of natural light that enters the room and produce a CAD (computer aided design) drawing of the room, which will show the 600x600mm ceiling grid for luminaire placement. The engineer or specialist must take into consideration working planes and areas of significance such as desk layouts and doorway entrances for an effective calculation and a satisfactory luminance survey.

For information on how to install an LED panel, please see our other blog post: “how to install an LED panel”

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