300W Modular LED High Bay | 31,000lm

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300W Modular LED High Bay from our Polaris Range beats expectations of factory and warehouse lighting as you know it. When positioned at high ceiling heights this luminaire is capable of providing bright, well-lit operational environments for employees.

Say goodbye to your worries of energy consumption with the super-efficient LED Samsung chip and MeanWell driver installed internally within the casing. With a 103lm/w rating, our 300W Modular LED High Bay is one of the most efficient high-bays on the market.

Flush 20x10mm LED Profile


The wire hung hook system allows easy installation of the product and safe operation throughout its working life - also, should you decide to amend your factory/warehouse flooring plan in the future, you can raise or lower the wire according to your plans.


240w modular led high bay


We are able to provide 1-10v and Dali dimming options for this model, allowing syncing with compatible Dali systems, such as; Simmtronic, ISTL, Tridonic, EnModus etc. Integration with Dali and BMS systems gives you a better indication of how your lighting system is performing on a whole and can point out ways to further your energy savings.




    LED Technology

  • High lumen per watt, luminaire designed to be installed in extremely high buildings.
  • Wide beam angle for excellent illumination and light distribution on factory/warehouse working plane.
  • Dimming control 1-10v and Dali compliant models available, which allows additional saving when paired with occupancy sensors on the Dali system.
  • Working voltage range allows compatibility with incoming mains supply, irrespective of the country in which the product is placed.
  • Reduced energy consumption but with the same or greater light output as conventional metal halide and fluorescent high-bays. LED high-bays use 60% less energy than conventional forms of warehouse/factory lighting.
  • Excellent for areas needing brighter lighting
  • Very low UGR (unified glare rating) - using our high-bays will eliminate eye-glare. Glare can be detrimental on employees efficiency should they be blinded by light when completing tasks.
  • “A” energy class.
  • Huge savings by straight swapping to LED
  • Long 55,000hr technology.
  • Market leading heat sink, which gives the lamp its unrivalled long life.
  • IP65 rated - corrosion proof, water-proof and dust-proof.


  • co2reduction

    Co2 Reduction

    Cost Cutting 

  • factories



  • hospitals



  • manufacturing


    Fulfilment Operations 

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    New Build 

  • schools



  • security-lighting

    Security Lighting

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  • SKU LED-HB-MOD-300
  • Size (mm)1155*175*95mm
  • Rated Power (w)300w
  • Input Voltage (V) AC100-277V 50-60Hz
  • LED Quantity 112pcs SAMSUNG 3535
  • Colour Temperature3000-3500K: Warm White
    4000K-4500K: Natural/Daylight White
    5500K-6500K: Cool White
  • Lumen Output (lm) 27500-31000LM
  • CRI >80
  • Efficiency (lm/W) 103lm/w
  • Material Type Aluminum & PC Cover
  • Beam Angle 40°/ 80°
  • IP Rating IP65
  • Net Weight 10.3kg
  • Warranty 7yr
  • Lifetime (hrs) 55,000
  • Files Available IES / Dialux
  • Dimming Available1-10v / Dali



Light Output


Installation Drawing


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