Energy Efficiency

At a primary level, LEDs can deliver 50% to 70% energy savings. When combined with intelligent control systems, energy savings up to 94% are regularly beingachieved by LED (Europe).

If every light in the United Kingdom was converted to an intelligent LED light, the electrical energy saving would be 15% of the country’s electrical consumption.

The Longer life of LEDs also equates to less maintenance and less waste to landfill. The “all of life” footprint of well-designed LEDs is significantly smallerthan other lighting products.

With reductions of up to 94%, the direct cost of ownership is significantly less than traditional lighting.

In commercial and industrial lighting, maintenance of lighting is a significant cost component. The greater reliability of LED (when well designed) can reduce maintenancecosts to as little as 10% of the existing maintenance costs.

LED contains no dangerous chemicals so can be disposed of through any normal electronics product recycling process.