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Lighting can considerably transform housing, office or public space. DALI Lighting (Digital Addressable Lighting Interface) sites an almost infinite array of lighting configuration possiblilities at your fingertips. Comprised in the specification of the vast majority of our commercial projects, LED Europe have unparalleled experience with getting the most out of the DALI Protocol - as a result of the applying of our technical capability and creativity in equal measure.
LED Europe is the UK’s leading independent specialist in the utilization of DALI lighting controls, in addition to automatic testing systems for DALI based emergency lighting.

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The Technological Advantages of DALI


dali lighting



  • DALI is an open standard system, this permits a major degree of ongoing innovation to develop around the solution, thereby ensuring an high degree of future-proofing.


  • DALI lighting installations offer detailed digital control over the lighting interface in an intuitive and highly centralised approach – it is achievable to control a single, specific light or a whole group concurrently, providing an entirely user-friendly system.


  • DALI lighting is regarded as one of the more less complex types of lighting processes to install; with that in mind a specialised team such as ours is essential in order to ensure quick, easy and smooth design, installation and implementation.


  • DALI offers unprecedented testing coverage and security. The lighting characteristics and the central controller work in tandem to enable computerized maintenance alerts. The information between the two elements allows for speedy troubleshooting, and will instantly inform engineers immediately to a problem if one emerges – crucial for the safeguarding of an uninterrupted lessee or customer experience.


  • Our DALI lighting solutions take advantage of the same DALI pair utilized for traditional controls and enable all emergency test functionality. This feature is a major cost benefit, making use of fewer resources (especially versus manual testing) and using much less time to set up compared to alternative solutions.


  • Your DALI system will execute in accordance with the most recent international guidelines for automated testing. At LED Europe, we guarantee that each and every product used are completely compliant with the DALI standard.


LED Europe leads the field in the UK, with a wealth of past experience in the use of DALI and KNX building controls. Each of our friendly engineers are here to you in the implementation process. Contact us today about your project.

Key Benefits and Technical Information of Dali


dali lighting

The DALI process is comparable in concept to KNX for building and home automation, however deal solely with lighting. The imperative is using standard types of equipment in an approach that makes it straightforward to add new devices in the future, meaning the solution is “future-proof”. That’s a substantial benefit in new builds as it offers buyers the preference to add to the solution later on without the need for sizable structural alterations.
So far the main principle of DALI lighting control is that a solitary DALI-based solution can function with up to 64 devices such as luminaire ballasts (lighting). A main controller can release instructions to devices in three ways:


  • A general broadcast that influences all devices on the systems;A signal targeted to a specific address suitable to a particular device; or A signal targeted to group address.


  • The specific devices on the solution can be configured into up to 16 different groups. Signals can easily be sent to one or more groups at a time, delivering more flexibility across which devices are influenced by a signal.

As well as issuing an order, the principal controller is able to issue queries and accept feedback making use of these three methods.A notable key function of DALI is the beneficial information obtained back from each individual ballast. This important information can be significantly important for fault diagnosis and preventative and s maintenance.
Information such as:

  • Lamp run time
  • Ballast healthy
  • Fault Codes


All make a contribution to a new level of lighting control and versatility once installed.