Project Description:
Energy Reduction for Supermarkets

Supermarkets have a huge customer base and have a vast selection of products on sale, thus the need for a large open plan area where items can be shown for purchase.

A major downside to this is trying illuminating the area well, whilst achieving an efficient consumption rate of electricity. Before the introduction of LED, this was a huge worry. Now with a simple design and swap of old conventional lighting to our Super-Efficient Green technology, retailers can save huge amounts on their electricity bills.

Our Customer

Asda has more than 500 stores across the UK – some big, some huge and some small but all having a substantial energy consumption.
The Supercentres sell more than 40,000 products in store..
LED Europe were contracted to carry out a thorough investigation on the potential savings that could be made by simply changing a light bulb..

The Expectations

With an appetite to reduce energy and save costs throughout the industry, energy reductions greater than 50% are necessary to ensure the install of the new technology meets our minimum payback criteria.
A supplier which provides a cost effective solution to expensive maintenance costs in the superstores, was specified by ASDA.
Also, having to hire “cherry pickers” to change lighting equipment can be costly. With most supermarkets being open 24 hours daily, maintenance staff find it hard to find the time to change light fittings, so a product that has a long working life is essential.

Our Solution

The current technologies in the stores are “Dual Fluorescent 55W” with an average lifetime of 1,000 working hours, not only do they emit a poor amount of light, but consume a great deal of electricity.
Also, with the current CRC Laws (or Carbon Reduction Commitment) coming into place within three years, this technology was outdated and could potentially cost ASDA a great deal of money as energy prices increase by an estimated 60% over the next year.
Bearing all of the above in mind, we arrived at two conclusions. Either LED “Retro-Fit” our 1200mm tubes (18W) - exchanging for the 55W currently installed or by installing a new ceiling hung fitting which would be more pleasing aesthetically and give off a better, more sustainable light.

Results, Expectations and Savings

50% in
saving annually
inc maintenance
Same as planting
440 Trees
1.3 yrs
Total savings over lifetime of LED
Total CO2 savings over lifetime of LED
580,000 kg