LED Manufacturer

LED Europe are manufacturers of high quality LED products which are available for purchase in; United Kingdom, France, Germany, Italy and Spain. Manufacturing luminaire's for a wide range of applications for; Office, Shop & Retail, Industry, Hospitality, Health & Care, Education, Outdoor, Architectural and Automotive sectors. We have a strong team of R&D engineers and experienced on and off-site technical designers/project managers.



Experienced Product Design

LED Europe have a dali compliant product range, which includes; LED Office Luminaire's, Shop and retail Track Lighting, LED Modular High Bay's and Architectural Luminaire's/Design. Bespoke manufacturing for OEM and supply contracts are available by us in any sector, our team are always here to help. With a presence in Manchester, United Kingdom we are able to deal with project enquiries or bespoke manufactural needs - either desk on on-site based.

Our concern for the environment is so great, that we donate a portion of our profits to causes which combat climate change such as; planting new trees, which over time reduces carbon emissions for our environment. (for more information on this contact us directly).